Hans Deville - "Prophecies Revisited" EP Music


Hans Deville cut his rock’n’roll teeth with highly respected ska-punks King Prawn. Last year, in collaboration with vocalist Andrew J Davies, he released the album “Prophecies Of The Lost”, a hybrid of country, psychedelia, spaghetti western and maritime folk music.

Hans is a live musician at heart, so when requests came in to do some shows he seeked the assistance of label mates Frank From Blue Velvet and Mark J. Lee. The “click” was instant, even the album instrumental “interludes” were developed into full songs.

7" is now sold out.

The twin vocals of Andrew J. Davies and Mark J. Lee dance around Hans’ discordant psychedelic guitar riff on opening track “Built On Sand.” It’s a message of redemption to a misspent past and a warning to those who think they’ve put it behind them.

“One Last Time” has the post punk bleakness of Joy Division set in a landscape of Paris Texas.

The harmonica infused “The Baptist II” takes you on the final stoner journey of a “lock down studio album” to a fully formed touring band.

It was never the plan, but somehow it came together.

Digital track list:-
Built On Sand
One Last Time
The Baptist II

7" track list:-
Built On Sand
One Last Time
(you still get Baptist II on the download)

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