X-Ray Cat Trio - I Ain't No Miracle Worker c/w Death Threat digital single Music


Californian Garage band The Brogues originally released “I Ain’t No Miracle Worker” in 1968.

Starting as an experimental curiosity with tongue firmly in cheek, this cover seemed a fitting precursor to a full blown vinyl release on Property Of The Lost records, from Leeds surf punks X-Ray Cat Trio.

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Death Threat, on the flip, is the REAL taste of things to come. A punk-a-billy double bass two minute stomper with theremin fuelled anarchic Beach Boy harmonies.


Wearing their influences on their sleeves, it’s clear they draw faithfully from the authentic stylings of Billy Childish, Dan Sartain, nasty 50’s rockabilly, gritty 60’s garage and trashy 70’s punk rock. They are a no-messin’ rock and roll band.