Daemönik Fonce - Eye Love Daemönik Fonce ALBUM Music


When Welsh twins Stewart & Paul Summers (Ten Benson / The Sharp Tongues) started some experimental recordings combining psychedelia, poetry and punk rock, the resulting songs got them thinking….
Recruiting old touring comrades Sam Mansbridge (The Rumblestrips) on bass, Hanna Edgren (Tits Of Death) on keys and vocals and Gui Rujao (Los Pepes) on drums, DaemöniK Fonce were fully formed and some gigs hastily arranged.
Invited to support bands including Sea Power & Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind, the transformation from home studio project to fully fledged jaw dropping live band was complete.
On the advice of Sean Forbes (Rough Trade) the band debunked to Newport’s West Sounds Studios in South Wales. Working with Richard Jackson (previous production credits include Gruff Rhys, Dub War, Martin Carr, Future Of The Left) an album soaked with a kaleidoscope of inspirations and imaginations was produced.
What you hear is a reflection of you, the listener. This band obviously LOVE MUSIC, LOVE BANDS, LOVE ROCK’N’ROLL .. Deep thinking with heavy personality pulling in references from Fairport Convention, Sex Pistols, LKJ, JCC, Hawkwind, Buzzcocks and Magazine.